Portable induction

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Portable induction

                              Portable induction heating equipment
                                                            Merak Merak 12/18 series


1. Equipment:
Portable induction heating equipment is the company's newly developed a new device (the handset), the device is flexible and easy to use, can easily complicated working conditions, difficult to access workpieces sense
It should be heated.
Portable induction heating equipment can be applied with refrigerators, air conditioners and other refrigeration equipment assembly and welding, and partial annealing steel.
2. Basic parameters:
Output power: 12KW
Current Rating: 19A
The maximum line current: 29A
Rated power: 26.3KVA
Maximum power: 19KVA
Host Size: 280x525x600mm
Tips Dimensions: 120x280x240mm

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